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  • WinBridge wireless WB711 Rechargeable Ultralight Voice Amplifier
    WIRELESS - The latest in personal amplification: A wireless system! This vocal amplifier is ideally suitable for any preschool or school teacher, as they often need to teach many students in a big room, so it is important that the pupil in the last row can hear you clearly without having to strain their ears. Moreover, it saves you from the hassle of yelling or shouting out what you wish to say – to put it in a nutshell, you can get through the day without suffering from hoarseness or a sore throat. This model WB001 & WB711 is actually a very small waistband voice amplifier. However, don’t go by its size, because its good sound quality and sophisticated feature ensures that it can be aptly used even in large classrooms. What really sets the voice amplifier apart is its intelligent recharging management system. The lithium-ion battery is always charged in the most optimal way, ensuring reliability and safety. The updated wireless amplifier has a durable metal body, which allows its quality to last long-term. This durable and elegant voice amplifier can be easily worn at the shoulder or waist without causing any discomfort. The easy-to-use electronic buttons make it easy to adjust the volume levels. Whoever the audience, your voice will be heard perfectly. Wireless Updated Updated UHF wireless digital voice amplifier with stable and reliable performance. The Amplifier unit and the wireless mic could be paired with easy operation. Digital Audio This voice amplifier has a clear sound quality and high sensitivity due to its digital audio processing. It can be used for outdoor activities as well as for teachers and tourists guide. Rechargeable Lithium Battery The speech amplifiers are equipped with built-in polymer Li-ion rechargeable batteries,and supplied with high performance built-in wireless headset microphone for your convenience. Small & Lightweight If you are looking to purchase a personal amplifier that is small in size and lightweight, then Mini WB711 is right up your alley. Due to its compact size, it is also very comfortable to wear on your belt Be heard with easy This power amplifier system is a favorite among teachers, tour guides, and outdoor enthusiasts who need to stay in contact with large groups. Its high-power audio and clear sound let you reach any audience with ease.
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  • WinBridge wireless WBS613 Rechargeable Voice Amplifier
    WinBridge S613 2.4G Wireless Digital Voice Amplifier with Power Supply Microphone for Special Teaching Amplifier 18W 9V/1200MAH High Volume Classic Black
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