Xtorm Alpha Cavaraty Power Bank 2x 5000mAh

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The Fuel Bank Pebble 2x is part of our user-friendly, no-nonsense Fuel Bank range which, despite its modest appearance, incorporates advanced technologies. With a reliable Fuel Bank Bank you can charge your mobile devices wherever you are. You can charge your smartphone, navigation system, GPS or tablet while you're on the go, for instance. You'll never find yourself stuck with an empty battery again.


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Product Description

The Fuel Bank Pebble has a 5000mAh internal battery and consequently has enough power to charge your smartphone twice. If the battery in the powerbank is empty, simply connect it to a USB port or mains electricity to recharge it. This Fuel Bank has an LED power indicator that displays the remaining power level. Simply press on/off to start or stop the powerbank charging process. Furthermore the Pebble includes certain features to ensure safe and trouble-free use. The Auto Power Management automatically balances the power over the attached devices. Moreover, the internal battery and the battery of the attached mobile device is protected from overcharging. Also, the powerbank will never be overheated thanks to the temperature control chip. Ideal for daily use! The Fuel Bank Pebble is compact and lightweight, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. With this convenient travel charger, you'll always have a back-up battery at hand to charge your mobile devices wherever you are! High efficiency The Xtorm Power Bank 2x is highly efficient and ensures the least possible loss of energy during the charging process. Auto Power Management This Xtorm Power Bank is provided with the APM-chip. This means that the powerbank automatically balances the correct charging speed and efficiently divides the power between the attached devices. Fast Charging The Power Bank 2x has a high input and high outputs. These features make it possible to charge the connected device as fast as possible and recharge the powerbank itself on high speed. A-class batteries Xtorm uses only the best battery cells that meet all safety requirements and can provide the fast charging you need Overload protection Xtorm mobile chargers protect the Xtorm’s internal battery and the battery of the attached mobile device from overcharging. Temperature control All Xtorm chargers are provided with a temperature control chip that prevents overheating. Auto Power Management The Xtorm APM-chip automatically balances the power over the attached devices to prevent overcharging or overheating.

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